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DekSmart Products

DekSmart - An Industry Leader Since 1995

Visually Pleasing and Durable

DekSmart Vinyl Products Ltd is known throughout the industry for offering a complete line of high-quality vinyl flooring products in a variety of patterns, colours and thicknesses. DekSmart products are visually pleasing and durable enough to withstand wintry blasts and scorching summer heat.


100% Waterproof

DekSmart Excel Products are the perfect solution when it’s important that your patio or sundeck be 100% waterproof and maintenance free. Excel vinyl products are effective and appropriate for use when roof-grade vinyl is not required.


Certified to Meet Roofing Standards

DekSmart Ultra Products are an excellent choice for use on decks that require an approved, roofing-grade membrane.The Ultra PVC system is engineered and certified to meet Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) and Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) roofing standards for polyvinyl roofing membranes.



DekSmart flooring products are coated with a slip-resistant walking surface that avoids that gritty, abrasive feeling you find on some other non-slip surfaces. DekSmart flooring is foot-friendly and easy to clean.



DekSmart vinyl flooring products can provide waterproofing protection to new or existing sundecks. Because DekSmart completely covers the deck area, such problems as rotting, warping and cracking are eliminated.



DekSmart products are maintenance free. Just wash them down with soap and water about once a year and they will continue to look great while providing years of service.


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DekSmart Products
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